WK33-37 House moving is painful

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No further progress to note, to say game development has a back seat is an understatement. Unfortunately priority is work first (day job) and packing No.2. this is leaving no time to game development at the moment.

Never mind, I’ll get back in the zone eventually. The good thing about being an Indie Dev is that I have no one to answer to and nothing to lose. :).

Development paused

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Development has stopped in recent weeks (since holiday and previous post). It”s been a tough few months, we have decided to move house! The new property looks great and we have sold our place, but the moving process is taking time and the chain is proving to be problematic.

On top of that I have taken a promotion at work, which means that I need to be thinking more strategically than i’m used to being. Sounds great, right? However when the day job remains the same, development time is being sacrificed for strategic thinking.

As much as I love ‘Ping Pong Arcade Classics’ it will never deliver enough revenue to be more than a hobby, therefor its important it is prioritised accordingly,  Make no mistake it’s a challenge I have every intention of conquering, but the timeline is not important me, so we we will take our time to get it right!

I am going to sacrifice some PUBG time next week to test the oculus rift controls with the next NewtonVR system and finish the controller system, but it may take longer if it proves more challenging than anticipated.

WK28-32 Lack of progress update

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There has barely been any game development going on this week and we breaking for 2 weeks holiday in Tenerife next week! 😄

Hopefully we’ll come back refreshed and ready to go! We’ll need to be, as otherwise the game will take an eternity to finish! 😂

Anyway, I’m off to pack! Laterz ppl

WK27 Progress – All hands on deck (kinda)

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Well… not quite 🙂

Still working on the the controller initialisation and controls, however we have widened the scope considerably to ensure that once complete we don’t need to revist them in the future.

We are now using the latest version of NewtonVR and SteamVR as planned last week. We have also changed the hand models to a unity store asset that has plenty on animations to help the in-game experience.

The cartoon hands were selected as they provided a way to justify the differences from your own hands in game. The theory is that you are better off with unrealistic but well pressented hands, than trying too look realistic and failing. Anyway, ultimately you can be the judge :).

Quick list of updates in bullet form:-

  • NewtonVR updated
  • SteamVR updaged
  • NewtonVR/SteamVR script modifications tagged to support simple upgrade procedure
  • Pause scripting improved
  • Controller initilisation working in all game modes
  • Loading scene processing improved
  • Oculus rift controls added


WK26 PPAC game developments

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It’s been a frustrating week! We have spent an entire week modifying the control system to improve the way controllers are initiated in game. After hours of modifications we had them working almost flawlessly, but have since decided to go back to the drawing board!

Much of the controller code used had come from a combination of the SteamVR code base and a very early version of the NewtonVR code. Since implementing this over 12 months ago, both have had several updates which our code ignored, because we naively chose to modify code rather than building separate scripts to interact with the base code as required.

Anyway, long story short is that this week will also be lost to updating and rebuilding the controller mechanics. It’s a painstaking task which will show no visual improvement to the game, but will help later should we port to other platforms beyond the HTC Vive.

We continue, steadily, but with renewed optimism and passion. Let’s hope we find the time to make some more visual improvements too!

WK25 Progress report

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This week in the big brother house… development continued.

A huge list of bug fixes and improvements to report. I’m pleased to report that the In-game play is now almost flawless. It really has been a busy week!

I can’t say that the long working hours haven’t taken a toll though. I’ve been snappy all week and write this dreading the sight of another line of code. Next weeks report will contain a shorter list I expect, and will probably focus on elements which are enjoyable to develop (not bug fixing).

One of the more notable changes in the game pliability from this weeks changes is the anti cheat system (shown in gif). There is an invisible wall that prevents interation with the ping pong ball beyond it, you can still pass through it, but you can nolonger interact with the ping pong ball. This will ensure a fair system for the high score system, which is essential to ensure true masters of the game get their rewards.

Full list of changes below:-

  1. Prevent bat pickup before round starts
  2. Balls go red before exploding in out of bounds area
  3. Controller enabled during game (hand/controller issue)
  4. Delay “Ping pong arcade classics” intro announcement
  5. Add Invisible wall appear when at table bounds
  6. Add white lines on table
  7. Add optional table net for Hard difficulty level
  8. Add “At boundary” announcement when at centre of table
  9. Destroy balls when over centre table line for more than x seconds.
  10. Move all announcement audio to GM
  11. Restrict past centre of table (prevent cheating)
  12. Increase Blindfold size
  13. Speed up intro animation in main menu
  14. Fade in on Game scene load
  15. Destroy PPAC banner after menu fade in
  16. Change loading image to Nextgenclassic
  17. Intermittent announcement stop when level load
  18. MainMenu menus higher in UI than score boards.
  19. Align table with edge of play space
  20. Game crashing on load on menu scene – possibly when user has score on HS list
  21. Add game load fade in (walls that fade out)
  22. Don’t destroy “lets begin” audio from main menu load)
  23. Limit volumes to 100% in sliders (menu + ingame)

Back to work on PPAC

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And the work on Ping Pong Arcade Classics (PPAC) continues

One bad thing about being GreenLit is that the work required to complete the game now feels worthwhile! Whether we ultimately see a significant enough return to warrant the hard work is debatable, but at least we know the game can make it to market.

Anyway, it had been 6 months since any development work and much had to be done just to get the game working again. After resolving those, we played a few rounds of the game, and was reminded just how fun the game is! For the rest of the weekend, we have focused on minor improvements and bug fixes. We had 43 at the start of the weekend and have reduced it by 6. A pretty solid effort all things considered.

Key progress this weekend included:-

  1. Fixed issues from Unity, SteamVR and plugin updates
  2. Add ripple effect, sound and growth to impact velocity.
  3. Resolve judder when time shifts.
  4. Fireball collider growth to match graphic
  5. Fix breakout ball passing through bricks
  6. Change high score and menu fonts

We have vowed to keep a development blog from herein, but on our first weekend, we failed to take a single meaningful screenshot! Doh, we’ll do better next week!

Here’s one I’ve slapped together to fill the empty space!

Unity development screenshot

Polynomial 2 VR Review

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Polynomial II Steam headerNextGenClassic review ‘Polynomial II’ for the HTC Vive.

“A thing of beauty”


Polynomial II is a game that works better in VR than it does in the standard monitor mode. An unusual and rare achievement! It’s ambitious custom engine creates a unique experience that should be enjoyed by anyone wanting to sit back, relax and enjoy their favourite music while gaming.

Polynomial2 VR Review Scorecard

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

Polynomial VR in-game screenshot

‘Ping Pong Arcade Classics’ Greenlit!

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‘Ping Pong Arcade Classics’ has been Greenlit!

It’s been a long journey, but ultimately a successful one. We have been greenlit!

Unfortunately there is much to do before the game goes live. After a year on greenlight and little sign of being approved there didn’t seem much point continuing development.

Anyway we are delighted and will get back the hard work this week. Watch this space for more information. We’ll ensure we keep everyone informed of developments this time!

Ping pong arcade classics greenlit


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SUPERHOTVR Steam HeaderNextGenClassic review ‘SUPERHOT VR’ with the HTC Vive.

“An experience not to be missed!”

No real introduction into the game left me feeling a little confused to start with. After about 20mins of gameplay I was getting the hang of things and starting to have a lot of fun. The experience was awesome, throwing a knife at one enemy, catching his gun and then shooting the next. It really does make you feel like James Bond.

The campaign was over a little too quickly! I’d completed in about 1.5 hours, however the game modes you then unlock are better than the campaign.

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot

SuperHot VR in-game screenshot