WK26 PPAC game developments

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It’s been a frustrating week! We have spent an entire week modifying the control system to improve the way controllers are initiated in game. After hours of modifications we had them working almost flawlessly, but have since decided to go back to the drawing board!

Much of the controller code used had come from a combination of the SteamVR code base and a very early version of the NewtonVR code. Since implementing this over 12 months ago, both have had several updates which our code ignored, because we naively chose to modify code rather than building separate scripts to interact with the base code as required.

Anyway, long story short is that this week will also be lost to updating and rebuilding the controller mechanics. It’s a painstaking task which will show no visual improvement to the game, but will help later should we port to other platforms beyond the HTC Vive.

We continue, steadily, but with renewed optimism and passion. Let’s hope we find the time to make some more visual improvements too!