WK25 Progress report

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This week in the big brother house… development continued.

A huge list of bug fixes and improvements to report. I’m pleased to report that the In-game play is now almost flawless. It really has been a busy week!

I can’t say that the long working hours haven’t taken a toll though. I’ve been snappy all week and write this dreading the sight of another line of code. Next weeks report will contain a shorter list I expect, and will probably focus on elements which are enjoyable to develop (not bug fixing).

One of the more notable changes in the game pliability from this weeks changes is the anti cheat system (shown in gif). There is an invisible wall that prevents interation with the ping pong ball beyond it, you can still pass through it, but you can nolonger interact with the ping pong ball. This will ensure a fair system for the high score system, which is essential to ensure true masters of the game get their rewards.

Full list of changes below:-

  1. Prevent bat pickup before round starts
  2. Balls go red before exploding in out of bounds area
  3. Controller enabled during game (hand/controller issue)
  4. Delay “Ping pong arcade classics” intro announcement
  5. Add Invisible wall appear when at table bounds
  6. Add white lines on table
  7. Add optional table net for Hard difficulty level
  8. Add “At boundary” announcement when at centre of table
  9. Destroy balls when over centre table line for more than x seconds.
  10. Move all announcement audio to GM
  11. Restrict past centre of table (prevent cheating)
  12. Increase Blindfold size
  13. Speed up intro animation in main menu
  14. Fade in on Game scene load
  15. Destroy PPAC banner after menu fade in
  16. Change loading image to Nextgenclassic
  17. Intermittent announcement stop when level load
  18. MainMenu menus higher in UI than score boards.
  19. Align table with edge of play space
  20. Game crashing on load on menu scene – possibly when user has score on HS list
  21. Add game load fade in (walls that fade out)
  22. Don’t destroy “lets begin” audio from main menu load)
  23. Limit volumes to 100% in sliders (menu + ingame)