WK27 Progress – All hands on deck (kinda)

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Well… not quite 🙂

Still working on the the controller initialisation and controls, however we have widened the scope considerably to ensure that once complete we don’t need to revist them in the future.

We are now using the latest version of NewtonVR and SteamVR as planned last week. We have also changed the hand models to a unity store asset that has plenty on animations to help the in-game experience.

The cartoon hands were selected as they provided a way to justify the differences from your own hands in game. The theory is that you are better off with unrealistic but well pressented hands, than trying too look realistic and failing. Anyway, ultimately you can be the judge :).

Quick list of updates in bullet form:-

  • NewtonVR updated
  • SteamVR updaged
  • NewtonVR/SteamVR script modifications tagged to support simple upgrade procedure
  • Pause scripting improved
  • Controller initilisation working in all game modes
  • Loading scene processing improved
  • Oculus rift controls added