Back to work on PPAC

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And the work on Ping Pong Arcade Classics (PPAC) continues

One bad thing about being GreenLit is that the work required to complete the game now feels worthwhile! Whether we ultimately see a significant enough return to warrant the hard work is debatable, but at least we know the game can make it to market.

Anyway, it had been 6 months since any development work and much had to be done just to get the game working again. After resolving those, we played a few rounds of the game, and was reminded just how fun the game is! For the rest of the weekend, we have focused on minor improvements and bug fixes. We had 43 at the start of the weekend and have reduced it by 6. A pretty solid effort all things considered.

Key progress this weekend included:-

  1. Fixed issues from Unity, SteamVR and plugin updates
  2. Add ripple effect, sound and growth to impact velocity.
  3. Resolve judder when time shifts.
  4. Fireball collider growth to match graphic
  5. Fix breakout ball passing through bricks
  6. Change high score and menu fonts

We have vowed to keep a development blog from herein, but on our first weekend, we failed to take a single meaningful screenshot! Doh, we’ll do better next week!

Here’s one I’ve slapped together to fill the empty space!

Unity development screenshot