Ping Pong Arcade Classics

Who are NextGenClassic?logo

NextGenClassic develop games that combine classic gaming experiences with a skilful twist. We focus on room-scale VR to create fun, skill based games that will challenge all levels of gamers and non-gamers alike.

What is Ping Pong Arcade Classics?

It’s out first game, currently in development. The game is aimed to be simple, fun, challenging and skilful.  The controls will use the motion tracking controllers to simulate the look and feel of holding a table tennis bat, while the game controls will respond to the movement and impact seen from the virtual table tennis ball.

What content will there be?

  • 3 different games modes; Block breaker, Arcade Invaders and Target Practice.
  • Each game mode will have 3 different game modes (Arcade, Pure Skill and Extreme).
  • Multiple levels in each mode will ensure there is plenty of content to enjoy.
  • Global daily, weekly and All time high score boards will give advanced players challenge, while local high score boards will keep more modest players challenging amongst friends.
  • Other features will include; multiple playing environments, difficulty levels and a themed soundtrack.

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