Development paused

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Development has stopped in recent weeks (since holiday and previous post). It”s been a tough few months, we have decided to move house! The new property looks great and we have sold our place, but the moving process is taking time and the chain is proving to be problematic.

On top of that I have taken a promotion at work, which means that I need to be thinking more strategically than i’m used to being. Sounds great, right? However when the day job remains the same, development time is being sacrificed for strategic thinking.

As much as I love ‘Ping Pong Arcade Classics’ it will never deliver enough revenue to be more than a hobby, therefor its important it is prioritised accordingly,  Make no mistake it’s a challenge I have every intention of conquering, but the timeline is not important me, so we we will take our time to get it right!

I am going to sacrifice some PUBG time next week to test the oculus rift controls with the next NewtonVR system and finish the controller system, but it may take longer if it proves more challenging than anticipated.