A new scorecard is required to compare VR games!

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The problem with VR gaming!

I have spent a shedload of money on VR games over the last year, I have over 200 games in total! Most of which were poor purchases made as a result of poor reviews from one site or another. It’s tough to pick between well developed Indie titles and rushed to market dross (titles where the developer is looking for a quick buck!). With major game review sites sticking to high profile releases a reliable source for judging the wide range of virtual reality content is hard to come by.

What’s the solution?

How about an agreed scoring system which helps level the ranging opinions of individuals who leave reviews? Sounds good? If so perhaps we can build something together? I am considering writing occasional reviews of the titles I purchase (and have already purchased).

I’d like to use the scorecard data to create a filterable database to help newcomers to VR to pick out the titles worthy of purchase. There are many great games which don’t make it anywhere near Steams top sellers. These titles are getting lost in the dross, which is a great shame and unfair on the developers.

The first draft VR Scorecard

Below is my first stab at a template with appropriate guidelines for completion. Please take a look and comment below to help make improvements!VR Review Scorecard

What can you do?

Plenty! Adopt the system, share your reviews with us (in essence, help create content). Failing that provide comments, ideas, thoughts and suggestions, they are all welcome. Failing that a word of encouragement would go a long way!