Voice-over done and other progress

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Still the mission to get the game on Steam Greenlight is not complete… But it’s not for the lack of progress. We’ve added two new scenes and a tonne of improvements as well as fixed a whole heap issues. Basically as my wife would say “we’re procrastinating”.

We’re now aiming to get it up on greenlight on Tuesday 21st of June. This should give plenty of time to not only be in a positon to create the video, but also be a huge leap forward ready for launch. The reality is that it will be a lot closer to completion than many of the Early Access Games that are on Steam today!

I’ve added most of the game commentary this week. Many thanks to Peter Baker for his top quality and most professional service! See the link if you ever need a professional voice over https://goo.gl/V1Zjvp.

Sample :-