Small setbacks almost resolved!

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When I decided to make a game, I was mainly looking to learn a few new skills and fill my need for both knowledge and creativity. The journey so far has definately fulfilled both! No more so than with my most recent challenge!

Before I got my #HTCvive, I had put a decent amount of time in to making the game function and on the whole most of it all works great, however I had overlooked how the table tennis bat would interact with the table tennis ball. I’d assumed it would be as simple as attaching the paddle to one of the controllers and that would be enough for the ball to interact with the paddlle… Nope!

Hours of research later and I think I have my head around the problem. There are lots of people with similar issues, finding ways to get around it! Picking the right solution isn’t easy, because every solutions is really a work around. The main issue is that the conrollers in the game space are controlled outside the game environment, therefore unpredictable and difficult to follow, they also kinda exist outside of the physics engine, so how possibly would the game know what to do with the paddle and the ball?

Anyway, long story short. I now have a much better understanding of physics, I have read a tone of articles, data and tried many different ways to resolve the issues! Now is time for implementation!

If you have similar issues I recommend reading the following article, it was the best explanation to the issues I have found, but not necessarily the best solution:-